Newspaper Sessions

District 7  Newspaper Sessions

The District 7 Florida Scholastic Press Association invites all members to partake in many learning sessions. Below you will find a working list of the different sessions being offed. Please use this list as a planning tool when working with your staff in advance of the workshop. Official times and rooms will be listed online closer to the workshop date. 

Chicken Salad 1

A pro designer brutally guts actual student newspapers and rebuilds them in minutes. Warning this presentation contains educational nudity. But you can win money, so there’s always that!

Chicken Salad 2

The second part of this newspaper-destryoying presentation shows you quick tricks for impressive design. Warning contains educational nudity and profanity

Chicken Salad 3

The third part of this bloody critique features radical redesign of student newspapers but hardly any nudity and profanity

What is Design

What is a news designer? A journalist with an artistic eye. A copy editor. A planner. A photo editor. An enforcer of deadlines. A superstar under pressure. Let’s chat about all the ways you can do journalism with design.

Why Everyone Should Code

Knowing how to code is the must-have skill these days. We’ll talk about why that’s the case, how coding can help you no matte what your job and how to get started learning.

Photo Shots | Sports

How to photograph sports candids and choose photographs based on good sense of photojournalism for your newspaper or yearbook.

I Hate Unicorns

A college journalist who now interns at The Miami Herald will show you how to become that mythical jour no-hybrid animal – writer, editor, and photographer – and soar from high school grad to a good college to a great internship.

How to Make Some Cheddar with Some Vermont Extra-Sharp

Learn from Rachel Johnson on how to turn your passion into a career with the world of food blogging. Explore what makes a blog great versus readable and how any blog, not just ones with chocolate chip cookie recipes, can build your brand and possibly turn into cash. 

Brand Yourself | Taking Notes from Tom Haverford

Luxury cars, cashmere snuggles, room service on the daily… you could “Treat yourself” everyday if you took a note on how to create your personal brand. Learn how to snag big deal internships by taking college  and real life tips from someone just like you! 

Project You | Make it Work

Personal projects are the best way to kickstart your future. Learn how to propose your passion and even find grants (AKA $erious Cash) for doing it! Say yes to this session led by not-quite-college-grad writing a cookbook on her own.  

Capturing Sports Through Journalism 

Learn from the Sun-Sentinels David Brousseau on how you can capture sports through journalism. 

Everything you wanted to know about UF’s College of Journalism and Communications

A PowerPoint presentation that includes scholarship information, summer programs, majors offered and much more!

Public Relations that Ain’t Pretty

Rachael Joyner has slept on the floor of an Ethiopian clinic, photographed families in the earthquake-torn streets of Haiti and interviewed hungry children scavenging in a Nicaraguan landfill. But she is not a reporter. She works in public relations for an international charity. Learn if the grittier side of the presentation is for you.

Don’t let Yourself get Nuked

Peter Robbins from Florida Power & Light sheds some light on how not to get nuked within your story.

When a Hamburger is reported as a Juicy Steak in Journalism | Puffing up a bad product in news happens more often than not

Meet the best PR person you’ll ever not know. Why puff speak, spin, propaganda and exaggeration are associated with a great career that offers parties, fun and celebrities. So is the Queen Latifah Show in your future? For over a million dollars would you tell your friends, parents, and neighbors that is is? Public relations is a terrific career, and trained journalist make the best PR Pros. They understand that there is a huge difference between telling people you’re selling a steak when it is really chopped liver. Publicist are a vital source of news and do tremendous good, but some may cross the lines between truthfulness and deceit. Learn why honesty really is the best policy no matter how much glamour and money is possible.

Interviewing 101

All the basics on how to conduct an interview. What you need, what to say, what to wear, what to write down. Go over tips, have group pair off to interview one another and write up a quick profile, the critique . This session is brought to you by Marisa Gottesam from the Sun-Sentinel.

Speed Dating | Getting to the Point-Captions & Cutlines

Interviewing skills are important when meeting that dream date and, the same skills are needed when writing that perfect caption. Come learn the keys to getting the needed information to write the best captions for your yearbook or newspaper.

Selling Advertisements in School Papers

Learn from Rodger Clark how to increase your papers revenue stream. Clark will take you through the ins and outs of generating ad sales for your paper.

How to be a Kinder, Gentler & More Effective Editor

An editor doesn’t have to be a writers worst enemy. In fact, a good editor can be a writers best friend. This session will help editors develop stronger relationships with their writers, discuss effective communications strategies, and teach techniques for providing feedback that brings out the best in both writers and editors.

How to Get People to Tell You Stuff | Strategies in Interviewing

This session will teach students how to approach sources for interviews, ask pertinent questions and how to work through challenges faced in the interview process. A Q&A will enable students to tap into my years of experience interviewing everyone from ports-potty rental people to celebrities. Students also will role-play the interview process.

Homicide – Forensic Artist

This session is being brought to you by Detective John McMahon from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. McMahon is known for his outstanding skills as a forensic artist. You have seen his work all over town on those “Most Wanted” posters. Chat with McMahon as he details the theory of artist renderings for crime scenes.