D7 | Middle School Contests

FSPA District 7 Middle School Contests

District 7 Middle School Contests

Free to enter. Junior High will have the same prompts but will be judged against other junior high (middle school) students. When picking up the prompts, students must state that they are Junior High, Middle School in order to receive the correct prompt packet, otherwise they run the risk of  being judged with high school contest submissions.


OTS “Selfie” (OPEN TO ANYONE – NO Max)  

Each publication can have one student compete. Submit a single instagram image and use these hashtags when posting the image (#fspaselfie17, #fspadistrict7 & #(ContestCode) Example: #fspaselfie17, #fspadistrict7, #MSS10 (INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT MUST BE SET TO PUBLIC). The image must be captured on your mobile device. You must have WIFI or Data Capabilities for this contest. (cell phone, tablet) Your picture must prove that it was captured within the time frame of the contest. The selfie must also be captioned. Judges will look for effective composition, high technical quality, creativity/originality, human interest and an image that tells as story. Time Length: 1 ½ hour. Prompt will be provided.


OTS News Writing – (Newspaper Staffs Only) 

Each publication can have a team of two students compete. The student will listen to the keynote speaker during the opening session. The student will write a news story based on the keynote speaker’s presentation. Students should bring pens, white, lined paper and may also consider bringing a dictionary, thesaurus and/or stylebook. Time Length: ½ hour Q&A session with speaker after opening ceremonies.  1½ hour to write your story. Total running time for contest 2 hr.


OTS LIVE TO TAPE: (Broadcast staffs only)

FOR THIS CATEGORY YOU MUST HAVE A CELL PHONE, or a TABLET with WIFI, OR DATA capabilities.  Team of up to three students will shoot a 45 second (MAX) package straight from a mobile device. No EDITING will be permitted. Once completed, the live to tape will be submitted to youtube or vimeo and the link needs to be submitted to an email given in your instructions (Email time stamp is deadline submission time, make sure you leave time for upload conversion). PROMPT WILL BE PROVIDED.  Time Length: 1.5 hr. EXAMPLE OF OTS LIVE TO TAPE: https://www.facebook.com/WPLGLocal10/videos/vb.67959238836/10153121625543837/?type=2&theater (Facebook link)


OTS Feature Writing (Yearbook staffs only)

Each yearbook publication can have one student compete. Students will be given a prompt for a yearbook feature writing assignment and must prepare a feature story. Students should bring pens, white, lined paper and may also consider bringing a dictionary, thesaurus and/or stylebook (hard copy only). Time Length: 1½ hr.


Questions Regarding Contests

Please direct all questions regarding contests to Melissa Falkowski – Melissa.Falkowski@browardschools.com